Pool Shop QLD

Company Profile

Since its development in 2017, Pool Shop Qld Pty Ltd, has offered diversity, experience and passion to the growth and development of the Aquatic Chemical & Services Industry. This has enabled us to provide our customers with affordable and quality choices regarding products, Services, Sales & Service.

Pool Shop Qld specialises in Chemical & Equipment Services and Products focused on competitive price, service standards as well as productivity & efficiency This is achieved through experienced management and operations in the Aquatic Industry alongside specialized relationships with suppliers. Our services and products and focused quality alongside assessing the needs of each customer.

Points of Difference

We are a local, agile, performance focused company that delivers maximum returns to local governments and their communities.

Capability to Deliver the Services

Pool Shop QLD provides experienced & qualified industry specific knowledge in the development and delivery of services to the Aquatic & Leisure industry including current supply to Government & Private Commercial Facilities.

We focus on contracts that do not impact on service and quality. We only engage with product suppliers that are capable of fulfilling the requirements of our clients and that specialize in the relevant services required to deliver the product safely and cost effectively. This is highlighted with transport and delivery of product being handled by contractors that specialize in dangerous goods transport and chemical and product manufacturers that have a long history of supply of the required products to the Australian Market Place.

Business Development

Pool Shop QLD has the experience and knowledge to deliver innovative products and develops further services for the Government & Private Commercial. Pool Shop QLD is committed to a world class standard by adopting a contemporary vision of success underpinned by quality and experienced professionals who are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence to achieve the highest possible development and delivery standards.

Value for Money

Pool Shop QLD was developed to delivery cost effective product and services without wavering on quality and value for money. Pool Shop QLD has spent 4 Years developing and creating relationships that will help us deliver what we feel is the most cost effective service to Government & Private Commercial. The operational standards we have developed over 90 years of collective industry experience is the cornerstone of our success – strengthening stakeholder relationships and ensuring the highest service standards.

We ensure our management and operational systems meet legislative requirements as well as Government & Private Commercial requirements whilst always seeking out & pursuing opportunities to further add value to our clients.

Community Engagement

We understand the importance of supporting local communities. Pool Shop QLD is committed to engaging with local businesses where possible to enable delivery of the contract. From hiring staff from within the Ipswich Region to sourcing locally sourced product & services, we endeavor to maximize the economic benefit to the local community that supports us.