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Commercial Operates under strict guidelines and regulations required for a facility to operate both efficiently and safely. Pool Shop QLD ensure all standards are maintained above and beyond the industry guidelines.

Soda Blasting is a service that is used to help remove calcium and scale build up from pool surfaces

The cost of maintaining a pool regularly ends up far cheaper than always fixing it once it fails

Regular maintenance when done correctly not only minimises chemical usage but also protects equipment used to run the swimming pool.

Excessive combined chlorine, or free chlorine rapidly dissipated Poor filtration Calcium hypochlorite added directly to water

Indicates algae growth due to inadequate chlorination
Super chlorinate / Algae Treatment / Vac Clean

Low or No Chlorine in your pool
No Filtration or Circulation

pH when held within the desired levels of 7.2 to 7.8 ensure the swimmer is comfortable.

Hi or Low pH cause skin and eye irritation by making the water either acidic or alkaline in nature, hence the irritation or burning sensation felt.

Liquid Chlorine, Granular Chlorine or Salt Chlorination are the most common forms of sanitisation. Salt Chlorination creates chlorine.